The 2023 Ipsos Survey of Direct Sellers Results are available!

Seldia, in collaboration with Direct Selling Europe (DSE) contracted Ipsos to carry out an online survey of European Direct Sellers between 27 March and 21 April 2023.

After the systemic changes of the last years, the project sought to investigate real-life experiences of being involved in direct selling in 2023 in twelve European Countries.

The exercise spanned across 12 EU countries and gathered 25,896 completed surveys.

The 2023 results reveal that 85% of direct sellers in Europe are women and 3/5 respondents are within the 45+ age category.

Almost half (49%) have been engaged in direct selling for 7 years or more, indicating a high level of experience and dedication.

68% of European direct sellers pursue direct selling alongside another occupation.

For more information visit 2023 Ipsos Survey of Direct Sellers dedicated page.

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