2023 Ipsos Survey on Direct Sellers

SELDIA, in collaboration with Direct Selling Europe (DSE), contracted Ipsos to carry out an online survey of European Direct Sellers in Spring 2023

2023 Ipsos Survey
of Direct Sellers

European Countries
Completed Surveys

The independent study sought to investigate real-life experiences of being involved in direct selling in 2023.  The survey was conducted online between 27 March and 21 April. Respondents were invited to participate by Direct Selling companies or national Direct Selling associations affiliated with either Seldia or DSE.

The key topics covered were:

  • Direct sellers’ socio-demographic profile
  • Their experiences of, and satisfaction with, the work
  • The methods they use to sell and the perceived effectiveness of these
  • The type of support they receive from their company or sponsor
  • Their gains, incl. skills and other benefits from their direct selling activity

The 2023 survey sought to update findings obtained in the last available study of this kind, published in 2018 by Seldia. Comparisons with findings from the 2018 Survey results are included where feasible*.

* Please note that the comparability of the two data sets of results may be impacted by:

  • The company mix: The 2023 survey included companies associated with Seldia and DSE, whereas the 2018 survey included companies members of Seldia only.
  • The country mix: In 2023 the UK was no longer the survey/EU, while Latvia and Estonia were added.

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