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The digital transformation, COVID-19 pandemic, and climate crisis are transforming how we work, learn and engage in society. Europeans can capitalise on these changes by developing the appropriate skills

Seldia Skills and Training

The Direct Selling sector plays an important role in upskilling and reskilling Europeans, providing opportunities to enhance a wide range of skills in areas such as communication, services to clients and business management.

In the 2023 Ipsos Survey conducted across 12 EU countries with responses from 25,896 direct sellers, direct sellers themselves confirm that Direct Selling has improved their:

  • Interpersonal skills (77%).
  • Self-esteem and confidence (74%).
  • Business skills (72%).

Our sector is unique as it empowers direct sellers to grow their businesses while receiving continuous support from companies. This includes access to digital tools and training on e.g. sales techniques, social media, team management, ethics, and legal compliance.

Given that independent sellers are not employees, training programs must be engaging and appealing to ensure participation and completion. Direct sellers report high satisfaction levels with their training, with 81% rating it as good quality.

National associations also invest in structured skills and training programs, some of which are endorsed by a diploma or certification.

These training programs can be organized either directly by the companies and national associations or in partnership with vocational schools and universities. 

At Seldia, we understand the importance of the skills developed in Direct Selling, which are also transferable to other business and employment ventures. Hence, we have been active in this area by:

  • Organising workshops to showcase skills and training programs in the sector.
  • Engaging in discussions with the European Union on the future of work.
  • Collaborating with EuroCommerce on the Skills Partnership for retail and wholesale under  the European Commission’s Pact for Skills initiative, one of the twelve actions of the European Skills Agenda. 

Additionally, in order to recognise and promote Direct Selling as a valuable skill-building opportunity, we have made several recommendations for the 2024-2029 mandate of the EU Institutions, including the recognition of in-company training for direct sellers.

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