A compliant?

All you need to know to complain for a breach of Direct Selling Code of Ethics

Companies who are members of Seldia are bound by the European Codes of Conduct for Direct Selling. The European Codes are governed by the European Code Administrator. Seldia acts as the secretariat.

Companies must also comply with the National Direct Selling Codes in the countries in which they operate. These are adjudicated on by National Direct Selling Associations (DSAs) Code Administrators.

Who can complain when a breach of the Code of Ethics is suspected?


Consumers can log a complaint regarding a product purchased from or a service offered by:

  • A Direct Selling Company or
  • A direct seller that represents this company.


Direct Sellers can log a complaint regarding:

  • Direct Selling Company or
  • A direct seller that represents a company.


Companies can log a complaint against another direct selling company for breach of the Code of Ethics.

A problem?
Follow these steps

Step 1

Contact the Direct Selling Company

As a first step, contact the direct selling company in question to explain the problem and indicate how you would like your issue to be resolved. The contact information is available on your order form. Alternatively, you can use the contact information or complaints form on thcompany’s website.

Step 2

Not satisfied? Contact your National Direct Selling Association

  • If you have not received an answer from the company, or if they have failed to provide you with a satisfactory solution, then file a complaint the national Direct Selling Association in your country of residence by following the procedure listed on their website.
  • You can find the national Direct Selling Association directory under the Seldia members section of this website.

A specific case? Contact the European Code Administrator

For complaints regarding a company that is either a member of Seldia or in membership of a DSA-member of Seldia, you can contact the European Code Administrator:

  • If there is no Direct Selling Association in your home country.
  • If your national Direct Selling Association is not a member of Seldia, but the company against which you wish to complain is a member of Seldia.
  • If your complaint has a cross border dimension.

To contact the European Code Administrator use this


A question? You can contact us directly at this email address: 
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