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*The Statistics for Europe provided by the WFDSA include all of EU and non-EU countries, former Soviet Countries and all those which fall under the region as per WFDSA definition. The statistical information is initiated, managed and funded by the WFDSA.

**Seldia's membership includes only European Union countries, and countries in partnership, association or candidacy status with the EU.

2021 Statistics for Europe - Direct Selling continues to grow despite the Pandemic

According to the WFDSA annual global statistics report, 6.565 Million Europeans were active in Direct Selling in 2021. 81% of them are women.

Direct Selling retail sales (excl VAT) in the EU grew by 3%, and by 5.7% for the rest of Europe (Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, UK), averaging at 3.2% for the whole region.

The impact of community lockdowns and global supply chain disruptions affected markets and product categories unevenly during 2020 and 2021. While the wellness product category remained stable compared to 2020, the cosmetics category contracted to the benefit of household goods and durables, and home improvement.