Benefits of direct selling 

Benefits of Direct Selling 

For Sellers:

  • Be your own boss
  • Choose your own flexible work schedule, benefits people that have other commitments, such as family or another job
  • Fosters, in particular women entrepreneurship - ability to learn transferable business skills
  • Low cost and low risk entry point
  • Vocational training, Training and support offered by direct selling companies
  • Everyone can do it: No formal qualifications required
  • Large range of top quality products
  • Social contact and personal recognition
  • An additional income related directly to the efforts invested

From the seller's point of view, the major attraction of direct selling is that it offers an equal and flexible income opportunity to men and women, across all ages, level of experience and social origins. A direct selling activity can be run from home and does not require a high investment. It can start as a part-time activity and develop into a full time job, depending on the time and commitment involved. It is a unique alternative to conventional employment. 31% of direct sellers in Europe come from unemployment or a non-professional area of work.



Empowering women, encouraging entrepreneurship

82% of direct sellers are women



  • Opportunity to try and test the products in a friendly environment 
  • High level standards of consumer protection
  • Great depth of product information and explanation based on the direct seller
  • Innovative or distinctive products not readily available in traditional retail stores
  • Convenient and service oriented (e.g. home delivery)


The direct selling industry offers high level standards of consumer protection whilst enhancing entrepreneurship for direct sellers.



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    The Women Entrepreneurship Platform is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Seldia in 2013 with the objective of raising awareness about the barriers preventing women from taking the entrepreneurial path and creating their own business.

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